Ad Block

We highly recommend blocking the ads that come across the Livestream.

Dear viewers

We consider it a blessing to be able to provide live broadcasts and videos from our church services for free. Here are a few important instructions regarding these videos that we would like to share with you. 

Browser Choice

We highly recommend installing Google Chrome or Firefox*both free*

Blocking Video Advertisements

The broadcast provider that we utilize has always included some advertising content, and we accept that it is often necessary in order for them to provide a free service. Unfortunately, our broadcast provider now automatically includes video advertising content that is inappropriate for viewing. We apologize if any of you have had to view such inappropriate advertising content. This content can be effectively blocked using trusted free software programs, and we provide instructions below on how to do so. 

Using Chrome, Click on the following link: Adblock Add-on

Then click on the ADD TO CHROME button. A pop-up will come up, to continue just click “Add” All done! If you were already watching the live stream I would suggest restarting your Google Chrome web browser and go back to the live stream!

Using Firefox, Click on the following link: Adblock Plus Add-on

Then click on “Add to Firefox”
(If you see a pop-up warning that “Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer”, click on Allow.) 

Then in the “Software Installation” window, select “Adblock Plus” from the list and click on Install Now. After installing the Add-on, it would be a good idea to restart Firefox just to refresh everything. Now you can head back to the live stream!

*If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask*